How Does Art Influence Society

To be able to express yourself, art can be the way. It is known to be an expression of a person shown through their creation such as painting, music, writing, etc. It usually gets an appeal to the emotions of people. It is because of this that art has a big impact on society. It is subtle, but many recognize and embrace their ideas through this form of expression.

So how does art impact and influence society? How does it show? How do they do it?

1. Through Opinions

It is given that people have many and different opinions. Because of social media and the internet, it is a lot easier to express them now. There is also the media wherein people will take advantage to say theirs. But before all of that, people cannot really do that. Even today, some are not that free to do so. But through art, it is possible. It will depend on them how they will express it. Some will have it subtle and cryptic so that they can hide it and will be not too obvious. There are some that are really open about it. Some will even have it as a form of protest. No matter how it will be, it gives influence among society and will also make some change some of their opinions on some matters. 

2. Through Messages

Some artists would use their art as a vessel to send messages. It could be anything. It could be their opinions. It could be warnings. It could also be about their life and what they are going through. Some people have a hard time to express their emotions, and they are able to do it by doing their art. Some would use their art as an open letter, and then there are some that use it to convey their experiences. There are some that are easily deciphered, but there would be others that have some sort of secret message hidden within for different purposes. Either it is something they want to tell and be recognized but not allowed or simply just being mysterious, But no matter how, people will able to know about it, and they will either be sympathizing with it or even relating with it. It is through this that some people develop their empathy for others which is good because it is the reason that they start reaching out for others and giving a hand.

3. Through Education

Art is also used to educate people. Some will use art as propaganda. But it is through this way that many people have their minds opened. People had used literature or paintings to inform them about some of the happenings which had caused changes through the years and is still happening now. With the internet and social media, it is a lot easier to share them now. In addition to that, art has evolved and has other forms like videos, films, and photography, so it is more informative and direct than before. 

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