Fitting Clothes For Your Body Shape

One of the best things to take off stress is to shop. It does not matter if you are doing it physically or online, but there is just something about gaining something.

The problem at times though is that you tend to do not know if it is really right for you. This is a good example of clothes. There is a variety out there, and some will certainly look good. But even if does look good, it seems not right for you while to others it is. The reason for this is because we have different body shapes and with that, not all clothes will fit you and not all styles will suit you. So it does not matter if something is on-trend, it is still your choice if you will follow it or not. Besides, not all trends will suit everybody, and that is why some would have their clothes a custom design for it to fit them.

So, what are these body shapes and what will be the clothes right for them?

1. Apple

An apple-shaped body consists of having the upper body heavier than the lower body. It is the reason why they would feel the weight would gather around the midriff, and most of them have broad shoulders and a bigger bust line. The right way for them to dress up is to have clothes that do not highlight the upper body. An example is avoiding skinny jeans or leggings then baggy tops because it will make the shape visible. Instead, wear something balanced to avid that.

2. Pear

A pear-shaped body is quite the opposite of the apple shape. The lower part is bigger and heavier. Balance is also the key to this one, or they could also wear something that will enhance the lower part of their body. They can also wear something that will bring the illusion that they are hourglass-shaped if it is done right. 

3. Hourglass

This is the body shape that is well proportioned and balanced. It has a well-defined waistline. Because of that, this is the type that will have no problem in choosing clothes, but it will be great for them to choose something that will highlight the outline of their curves. They will just have to find clothes that are well balanced.

4. Rectangle

It is the body shape that is balanced from shoulders to hips. It is straightforward and is like the hourglass but without the defined waistline. They are to wear something that will define the lower part, and tops that will add something to the upper body like sleeveless and sweetheart lines.

5. Inverted Triangle

This body shape is also called the athletic shape because it is the type that is most athletic-looking of all. The shoulders are broad with this type. Because of that, the hips should be defined and have to be balanced with the shoulders. The best for them would be wearing something minimalistic for the top part.

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