How To Make Pottery At Home

One of the ways to relieve stress is to do some art. It helps you to do something with your hands and also keep your mind off things by concentrating on something else. The problem at times is getting started. It seems intimidating and quite hard. But it is really not. You do not have to be an expert to do art. It will be a great hobby and as said before, it is a good stress reliever. So if you are just starting, do not pressure about it but instead, enjoy the process of it. Besides, it is not bad to have your own homemade art in your house.

Most arts and crafts can be done in the comfort of your home. That includes pottery which sounds impossible because of the materials that will be needed. But with these basic ideas, it can be done:

1. Selecting a Room

The first thing you will need to do is to pick a room around your house where is best to work. Not only that but also consider the materials such as the clay which should be stored in the right place. Be sure that it is also easy to clean and has access to water. Then, of course, you would need some furniture such as tables and cabinets that are sturdy and durable. 

2. Knowing the Right Clay

In pottery, clay is the most important material because, without it, you will not able to form anything. Because you are at home, it is important to choose the right clay, and it could be a special kind. Usually, the types of clay used at home are oven-bake, polymer, or air-dry. Then also there is also the glaze, and you should find something that will be matched with the clay.

3. Have the Right Tools

Because you are doing it at home, you would need the tools. You do not have to get all of it but what matters is having the basic ones that will get you started. First is a potter’s wheel which is available in stores in different sizes. Be sure to choose that will fit your space and meets your needs. There are also electric ones available though it will be less efficient and also not suitable for beginners. Another tool is the throwing rib which is used for shaping and smoothing the pot. Then a versatile tool called potter’s needle that is used in many ways such as cutting, piercing, scoring, etc. Another cutting tool is the cutting wire used for cutting the base away from the wheel. Then the last one is the kiln which is used for firing the clay. They are quite expensive, so you could either invest in one or rent. 

How to do pottery

Here are the basic steps in doing pottery at home:

  1. Shape and mold them in the potter’s wheel.
  2. If you are not planning to use a kiln, let it dry. You should have a proper place for this. 
  3. If you are planning to have it in a fire, place it in a kiln.
  4. After that, you can decorate your work by painting.

How To Start Oil Painting For Beginners

Some people would want to have a hand and try to make art. It is something that can make your mind at ease and is a very good stress reliever. The problem with it is that it is quite intimidating. When you look at other’s creations, it is inspiring but at the same time frightening to get par with them. As a beginner, you should not think that way. Everyone had a start even those artists. 

One of the forms of art that people would like to try is painting. There are many types of it but the most popular that we see at museums are oil paints, and we know a lot of artists from it. As said before, you should not compare yourself with them. Remember that everybody has a start and their own style. You can be inspired while developing your own. If you are just starting with oil painting, here are some tips for you:

1. Know the Materials

Every art is different but has its supplies no matter what it is. The oil painting has a lot of them. The first thing on the list is, of course, the paint and as the name suggests, it is painted with oil in it. Most commonly mixed in is the linseed oil to add more pigment. Then you will also need brushes and a palette to put on your paint. You will also need a surface to paint on and the most popular would be a canvas, and you could start with that. Then, of course, you would need something to clean your brushes with like a paper towel and even a thinner.

2. Start with a Few

As said before, oil painting has a lot of supplies, and they are not cheap. It will be wise for you to not get too overboard with the materials. Instead, start with the few basic brushes. As for the pallet, you can also start with few colors. This way, you could also learn how to mix them to have different colors. It is advised to have the primary colors and then a white and even a brown. You can start painting even with just those colors. 

3. Know the Techniques

There are different techniques when it comes to oil painting, and you can try them all in order to have your own and know what you are most comfortable with. Some of the techniques include:

  1. Scumbling – it involves producing a broken color effect by dragging a dry brush all over the canvas.
  2. Alla prima – it is also called as wet on wet and is a technique wherein paint is applied even if the other layers are not yet dried.
  3. Glazing – this where glazes are applied on dried top layers.
  4. Chiaroscuro – it is how light and dark are balanced in the painting.
  5. Impasto – it is adding texture to the painting
  6. Grisaille – is a painting that is monochrome which uses gray tones.
  7. Blocking in – as the name suggests, general colors and shapes are blocked.
  8. Blending in – it is when two colors were mixed while wet making them blend.
  9. Oiling out – it is when at the lower layers of the painting, the oil sinks which makes the top layers less vital.

Additional Tips:

  1. Once you learn about the techniques, always practice until you discover your own. Then after you have discovered it, master it.
  2. Famous oil painter Bob Ross always advised to keep the brushes clean, and it is important to do so. This will avoid having a mess with both your space and also your painting.

How Does Art Influence Society

To be able to express yourself, art can be the way. It is known to be an expression of a person shown through their creation such as painting, music, writing, etc. It usually gets an appeal to the emotions of people. It is because of this that art has a big impact on society. It is subtle, but many recognize and embrace their ideas through this form of expression.

So how does art impact and influence society? How does it show? How do they do it?

1. Through Opinions

It is given that people have many and different opinions. Because of social media and the internet, it is a lot easier to express them now. There is also the media wherein people will take advantage to say theirs. But before all of that, people cannot really do that. Even today, some are not that free to do so. But through art, it is possible. It will depend on them how they will express it. Some will have it subtle and cryptic so that they can hide it and will be not too obvious. There are some that are really open about it. Some will even have it as a form of protest. No matter how it will be, it gives influence among society and will also make some change some of their opinions on some matters. 

2. Through Messages

Some artists would use their art as a vessel to send messages. It could be anything. It could be their opinions. It could be warnings. It could also be about their life and what they are going through. Some people have a hard time to express their emotions, and they are able to do it by doing their art. Some would use their art as an open letter, and then there are some that use it to convey their experiences. There are some that are easily deciphered, but there would be others that have some sort of secret message hidden within for different purposes. Either it is something they want to tell and be recognized but not allowed or simply just being mysterious, But no matter how, people will able to know about it, and they will either be sympathizing with it or even relating with it. It is through this that some people develop their empathy for others which is good because it is the reason that they start reaching out for others and giving a hand.

3. Through Education

Art is also used to educate people. Some will use art as propaganda. But it is through this way that many people have their minds opened. People had used literature or paintings to inform them about some of the happenings which had caused changes through the years and is still happening now. With the internet and social media, it is a lot easier to share them now. In addition to that, art has evolved and has other forms like videos, films, and photography, so it is more informative and direct than before. 


Different Types of Arts and Crafts

With technology today, it seems like arts and crafts will fade out, but that is not the case. Many still treasure and continue doing it. In fact, many will prefer doing something with their own hands because they feel like it is something real, unlike digital counterparts. Also, doing crafts is something therapeutic.

But as technology progresses, so is this though not as much, only a bit faster to produce unlike before. There are also some new types, but they just came from old concepts. Today, these are some of the arts and crafts that are currently and mostly done:

1. Textile

Also known as fiber craft, this is the craft that works with fabric, yarn, and any other surface design. This craft includes weaving, knitting, quilting, and more. And because the fashion and clothing industry is so big today, so is this. It is not only used for clothing though but also for homes such as rugs and beddings.

2. Paper

As the name suggests, this is the craft that uses paper. Most of the crafts that are done by kids involved paper. But adults also enjoy this. It is simple and not to mention cheap, because papers are easy to be on hand. Some examples of this are origami, quilling, scrapbooking, decoupage, and more. Some actually do this as a hobby instead of living. But because of the internet and social media, they are able to use that platform to advertise and sell their creations.

3. Mixed Media

It is is the type of art that incorporates different styles and has more than one medium. What was often used in this are paper, wood, cloth, and other items. Assemblages and collages are the most common type for this. Some people do this as a hobby by incorporating paint or any other art supply with their journals or scrapbooks.

4. Pottery

This craft uses clay or any other ceramic material to form objects. To make them hard and durable in form, they are fired in high temperatures. We have our kitchen dishes like plates, bowls, mugs, etc. because of this. Other items that are formed are decorative elements at homes such as vases. 

5. Wood

This is the craft that uses wood and is known to be the material that man had used for creative purposes. Like pottery, this is the craft that is usually used for everyday uses. This craft includes making furniture and cabinets and also carpentry. Wood carving also falls in this category. One does not simply become an expert wood crafter because of the different variety of woods available and its different uses.

6. Painting

When art is first mentioned, most people will likely have painting first comes to mind. The most popular will be painting on canvas but no matter what surface, as long as it is applied with any medium like paint, it is considered a painting. It is through painting that a person will express their emotions and ideas. Through the years, different techniques and types have been developed.