Fitting Clothes For Your Body Shape

One of the best things to take off stress is to shop. It does not matter if you are doing it physically or online, but there is just something about gaining something.

The problem at times though is that you tend to do not know if it is really right for you. This is a good example of clothes. There is a variety out there, and some will certainly look good. But even if does look good, it seems not right for you while to others it is. The reason for this is because we have different body shapes and with that, not all clothes will fit you and not all styles will suit you. So it does not matter if something is on-trend, it is still your choice if you will follow it or not. Besides, not all trends will suit everybody, and that is why some would have their clothes a custom design for it to fit them.

So, what are these body shapes and what will be the clothes right for them?

1. Apple

An apple-shaped body consists of having the upper body heavier than the lower body. It is the reason why they would feel the weight would gather around the midriff, and most of them have broad shoulders and a bigger bust line. The right way for them to dress up is to have clothes that do not highlight the upper body. An example is avoiding skinny jeans or leggings then baggy tops because it will make the shape visible. Instead, wear something balanced to avid that.

2. Pear

A pear-shaped body is quite the opposite of the apple shape. The lower part is bigger and heavier. Balance is also the key to this one, or they could also wear something that will enhance the lower part of their body. They can also wear something that will bring the illusion that they are hourglass-shaped if it is done right. 

3. Hourglass

This is the body shape that is well proportioned and balanced. It has a well-defined waistline. Because of that, this is the type that will have no problem in choosing clothes, but it will be great for them to choose something that will highlight the outline of their curves. They will just have to find clothes that are well balanced.

4. Rectangle

It is the body shape that is balanced from shoulders to hips. It is straightforward and is like the hourglass but without the defined waistline. They are to wear something that will define the lower part, and tops that will add something to the upper body like sleeveless and sweetheart lines.

5. Inverted Triangle

This body shape is also called the athletic shape because it is the type that is most athletic-looking of all. The shoulders are broad with this type. Because of that, the hips should be defined and have to be balanced with the shoulders. The best for them would be wearing something minimalistic for the top part.


Making Your Own Clothes Vs. Buying

Clothing nowadays is more than essential. We still need it, but what we have in our closets is more than what we need. That is because it is also becoming a lifestyle. The way you dress determines who you are: your personality, your status, and even your interests. Because of that, buying clothes became a lot of expensive than we think.

Have you tried dressmaking or sewing your own clothes? Some people are really into DIY these days, and clothes are no different. But will there be a difference in making and buying your own clothes?

Buying Clothes

For some, shopping for clothes is not just only because it is a necessity. As said before, clothes had become a lifestyle and buying them is like a therapy for some people because it does reduce stress to try and have something new. Sure, it will become stressful to spend a long time at a mall especially if there is a sale wherein there will be a larger crowd, but it does feel good to get your hands on to something you really like. Then, at this time, there is also online shopping and is becoming big. There is no hassle of going to a mall with the crowds, an all you need to do is wait for it. But the problem with it is that sometimes, the one you ordered seems to be different in person than the one you see online, so it is not that liable.

Making Clothes

The first thing you will need to have for you to make clothes is the skill. You should learn even just the basics of it and even better if you become an expert for it. Once you have learned about it, it will be a lot easier for you to make clothes.

Sewing your own clothes has a lot of benefits. The first will be that it is cheaper. You get to choose the type of fabric that will be used then also the add ons and accessories that will be added. You get to design it according to your taste. The fitting will not also be a problem because you get to do it yourself. It will be your choice how will it be, and it is also easy to adjust. In addition to that, you will be able to customize it and make it as unique as you can. One of the reasons why many inclined to make their own clothes is because of this. The clothes that you will see in stores tend to be repetitive. It would have additional cost if you want something to be customized, so why not do it on your own? You will also be able to practice and develop your creativity because of this.

The downside of this is you need more time. If you are a busy person and only want this as a hobby, it will be hard because it consumes so much time. Not only that, but you will also need a lot of resources and supplies such as fabrics, threads, and other accessories.


Both have its pros and cons, but it will still be up to you to decide. If you want to try dressmaking, go for it. You can always have it started as a hobby, and you will see how it will go from there.


How To Sew Clothes With A Sewing Machine

Nowadays, clothes seem to be more than a necessity. With the different trends coming up, it is hard to catch up sometimes. But come to think of it, the trends are just going on a cycle. For example, many would think that skinny jeans were just invented during this time, but it is not. It has been around for a while but was named differently. Then there are statement pieces that are timeless and do not seem to get out of styles like denim and leather jackets. It is because of these reasons that some people would like to try a hand with sewing.

It will be quite simple once you learned about the basics. You can do something with your hands but with trendy clothes and also for efficiency, a sewing machine will be a lot easier. For starters, here is what you need to know:

1. Know the Parts

The first thing you would need to know is the parts of a sewing machine. There are many of them that you might get confused about, and it is a significant part of starting. The reason for this is because there are certain items that will have their own places. Also, you would also need to know about the settings and how to control it. It will be best to read the manual since some sewing machines work differently than the other.

2. Know the Types

There are different types of sewing machines. Today, most people are using modern ones, because it is a lot easier and also is mostly available. But there are still some would use old and traditional. For a beginner, there are sewing machines available and is best to use. It would be best to start with the mechanical sewing machine. If you did that, it will be a lot easier for you to move with other types. It will also be more efficient because you will not have a problem if there is no electricity, and the other types are now usually run by it. You can still invest in an electric sewing machine so that you could also learn and not left behind by technology. Some electric sewing machines can be computerized, and it will be handy to learn about it.

3. Know the Materials

This is pertaining to the materials and fabric you will use with the machine. As a beginner, it will be wise to start with those fabrics that are medium in weight which is not too thin and not too thick. There are also fabrics that are stretchable, and you could give that a try once you are more experienced. 

4. Know the Techniques

Now that you are ready to use the machine, you should know about the different techniques. It will definitely depend upon the fabrics you would use. The first thing you need to learn and practice is stitching. By this, you would learn the basics of controlling the foot pedal and how you will guide your fabric through the needle. Once you have learned about this, it will be much easier to know about the other styles.


Easy Clothes To Make

One of the necessities that we have is clothing. But now, you could say it is more than that because it seems like clothing is not just a necessity. Clothing nowadays is also a form of statement, and also a way of showing your personality. And like any other thing in this world, they have trends, and it is a person’s choice if they will follow it or not.

But no matter how much time passed and changed, you can see that the trends about clothing seem to be in the cycle. It means that they just come back. There are also some pieces that never got out of style. If you are thinking of making one, there are easy ones that are great, to begin with, and also timeless.

1. Skirt

This is one of those pieces that has always been around. Back in the day, it used to be worn by women all the time. But it did not go out of trend though. In fact, nowadays, there are different kinds of skirts in length and shape. It can also be made with different materials and textures. It is very versatile because there are types that are for casual, formal, or business. But it is a good one to start with especially if you are also starting with a sewing machine.

2. Summer Dress

There are different types of dresses today. Some seem sophisticated, but there are also those that are simple. And like the skirt, it can be casual or formal. But one of the simplest is the summer dress, and it is a great way to start. It does not have one style but since it is a dress that is used for summer, they are usually made with light materials and therefore much easier to handle than those that are heavier. There are also easy patterns you can find that are great for beginners. 

3. Pajama Pants

Sure, it is not something you would wear outside, but it is always wore because it is very comfortable which is needed when you are sleeping. Aside from it being comfortable, it is also easy to make. You will not even need a sewing machine for this. You will just need a pattern and a fabric which are usually light and then some other essentials such as the sewing materials, scissors, and garter then you are good to go and make it by hand.

4. Scarf

Scarves also have different types nowadays and not only worn during the winter. It seems like a scarf also became a style statement that even during the summer, there are people who choose to wear them. Of course, those are made with lighter fabrics. But there are also fabrics that are great to use during the winter. Then there are also some that are expensive because of the fabrics they are made of. They are easy to make. There are no complicated patterns needed for this, but it will be up to you if you want to add in some other details like beads or sequins. The traditional way of making it is through knitting and if you want to try a hand at that, you can have a scarf as your first project.