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Quilting, the act of sewing two or more layers of cloth together, is popular in many cultures for many different things. Some people quilt to make blankets, wall hangings or wall art, clothes, and other textile products.

While everyone has their own style and reasons for quilting, the same basic materials are needed. There are also three different types of quilting to consider.

There is hand quilting, where you use a needle and thread to sew the area that you’ll be quilting, this will bind the layers together. Hand quilting is still done by in the United States and Canada by Amish and Mennonites and is becoming more popular everywhere.

There is machine quilting where you would use a sewing machine to sew your layers together. When using a sewing machine, you first need to pin the layers together with a pin or tack.

The third type of quilting is called tying, where you fasten the layers together. Tying is generally done when you need a quilt quickly and is made to be used.

Basic Process

First, you have to select your fabric. Then you’ll need to prepare it by washing the fabric after it’s washed you’ll need to dry it, iron it, and cut it.

After you’ve cut your fabric you need to sew the pattern and quilt the sandwich. Remember that you need at least three layers of fabric. Before quilting, you may want to baste the fabric. Finally, you can quilt your fabric, when you’re done remember to bind it, the edges need to be finished and bound together.

If you plan on hanging the quilt, you will have to add a bit more work. You’ll need to make and attach a hanging sleeve.