Different Types of Arts and Crafts

With technology today, it seems like arts and crafts will fade out, but that is not the case. Many still treasure and continue doing it. In fact, many will prefer doing something with their own hands because they feel like it is something real, unlike digital counterparts. Also, doing crafts is something therapeutic.

But as technology progresses, so is this though not as much, only a bit faster to produce unlike before. There are also some new types, but they just came from old concepts. Today, these are some of the arts and crafts that are currently and mostly done:

1. Textile

Also known as fiber craft, this is the craft that works with fabric, yarn, and any other surface design. This craft includes weaving, knitting, quilting, and more. And because the fashion and clothing industry is so big today, so is this. It is not only used for clothing though but also for homes such as rugs and beddings.

2. Paper

As the name suggests, this is the craft that uses paper. Most of the crafts that are done by kids involved paper. But adults also enjoy this. It is simple and not to mention cheap, because papers are easy to be on hand. Some examples of this are origami, quilling, scrapbooking, decoupage, and more. Some actually do this as a hobby instead of living. But because of the internet and social media, they are able to use that platform to advertise and sell their creations.

3. Mixed Media

It is is the type of art that incorporates different styles and has more than one medium. What was often used in this are paper, wood, cloth, and other items. Assemblages and collages are the most common type for this. Some people do this as a hobby by incorporating paint or any other art supply with their journals or scrapbooks.

4. Pottery

This craft uses clay or any other ceramic material to form objects. To make them hard and durable in form, they are fired in high temperatures. We have our kitchen dishes like plates, bowls, mugs, etc. because of this. Other items that are formed are decorative elements at homes such as vases. 

5. Wood

This is the craft that uses wood and is known to be the material that man had used for creative purposes. Like pottery, this is the craft that is usually used for everyday uses. This craft includes making furniture and cabinets and also carpentry. Wood carving also falls in this category. One does not simply become an expert wood crafter because of the different variety of woods available and its different uses.

6. Painting

When art is first mentioned, most people will likely have painting first comes to mind. The most popular will be painting on canvas but no matter what surface, as long as it is applied with any medium like paint, it is considered a painting. It is through painting that a person will express their emotions and ideas. Through the years, different techniques and types have been developed.