What Makes A Person Creative?

Have you look at artworks or sculptures and think how good they are? Then add to that the meanings behind them, it is quite bizarre sometimes. There are also clothes and house with different designs. It is such a delight and wonder to think that those began with ideas in the mind of people.

You might think, how did that happen? Where did those ideas come from? Anyone can be creative but not everyone practices it. We all do tend to have ideas whether small or not. So what makes one more creative than everyone else?

1. Being Focused

You would think that creative people should have a lot of energy in what they doing. It is the case. But they also have their energy in focusing on what they are doing. Without any focus, it will be hard for them to finish and stick to one activity or project. Sure, creative people may tend to have many ideas but they would need to have a focus on what they are doing. Once they are done with that, they might start with another one. There are times that it does not seem to stop, but it what that keeps them going.

2. Being Observant

For them to have new ideas, they will have to look around them in every detail and action. This happens everywhere and anytime they will go to something. It could be as simple as doing chores or the more complex things. It is said that the world is our oyster, and indeed it is because there are a lot of ideas that can be formed by just looking around, and that is what creative people do. It is one of the reasons they tend to have notebooks with them to write down things they observe or if inspiration suddenly hits them. 

3. Being Curious

It is not just about being observant around but also being curious. Creative people are known to be smart, but they also have that child-like wonder when it comes to seeing new things. They would either want to try or learn more about something. Besides, being smart does not mean one will be creative. To be one, they have to be involved and do something, and a curious person tends to do that. They also tend to love trying new things and experience them for themselves. Also, even if something seems old or have already been experienced before, they will have ways to find something about it.

4. Being Passionate

Passion is what keeps them going. Without it, they will never have started in the first place. It is not also just in the beginning but until the end. That is one of the mistakes some people did. They would start as being passionate and excited in the beginning but will be lost in the middle or at the end and would result in their project seeming something missing or not as good as they imagined. Because of that, it would cause them to have a creativity block or stop in general.